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Open leaves:

18:07 [ee840a7669] Leaf: Enhance the log messages produced in some cases if database corruption is encountered by an SQLITE_DEBUG build. (user: dan, tags: trunk)
20:22 [e2b3e33537] Leaf: Add missing entry for SQLITE_IOERR_VNODE to the switch statement in sqlite3ErrName(). (user: dan, tags: apple-osx)
16:29 [1a1a73b821] Leaf: Merge all the latest changes from trunk. (user: drh, tags: appendvfs)
20:06 [d90e5f346b] Leaf: Merge changes from trunk. This fixes the SQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT functionality so that it works with views and WITHOUT ROWID tables. (user: dan, tags: begin-concurrent)
18:26 [b2679d3b7a] Leaf: Fix the SQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT functionality so that it works with views and WITHOUT ROWID tables. This is a modified cherrypick of [dae4a97a]. (user: dan, tags: branch-3.8.9)
19:34 [cbec1bfe4b] Leaf: Fix some comments in new code on this branch. No changes to code. (user: dan, tags: fcntl_shm_read)
19:30 [bdf791f9f7] Leaf: Fix the SQLITE_NoopUpdate #define so that it occurs under the correct conditions. (user: drh, tags: begin-concurrent-pnu)
18:55 [1a584e4999] Leaf: Version 3.21.0 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.21, version-3.21.0)
16:24 [e38571d518] Leaf: Fix main.mk to name the win32 executable "sqlite3_expert.exe", not "sqlite3_expert". (user: dan, tags: schemalint)
20:11 [6395544230] Leaf: Add new extension "bgckpt" in ext/misc/bgckpt.c. For experimenting with running wal2 mode checkpoints in a background thread. (user: dan, tags: wal2)
07:46 [d71eeaab9e] Leaf: Experimental change so that snapshot transactions always lock the wal file - preventing writers or truncate-checkpointers from wrapping it. (user: dan, tags: snapshots-lock-wal)
20:18 [8d2a1cca61] Leaf: Merge in all the trunk enhancements of the previous 7 months. The LIKE optimization has stopped working when there is an ESCAPE - that problem will be addressed in a subsequent check-in. (user: drh, tags: est_count_pragma)
14:03 [3fbfa9a8e8] Leaf: The sqlite3_snapshot_describe() interface useful for debugging snapshot logic. (user: drh, tags: sqlite3_snapshot_describe)
08:51 [2e57335081] Leaf: Merge latest trunk changes with this branch. (user: dan, tags: shared-mapping-hack)
18:38 [ebada0723a] Leaf: Experimental sqlite3_stmt_retryable() interface. (user: drh, tags: sqlite3_stmt_retryable)
18:49 [de2e371757] Leaf: Add the highly-experimental "PRAGMA noop_update=TRUE" command. (user: drh, tags: pragma-noop-update)
08:03 [e63d1a7cd3] Leaf: Use a mutex-free PRNG for the random() and randomblob() SQL functions and for the randomness used during checkpoint operations. (user: drh, tags: mutex-free-randomness)
17:52 [1b3df8ffc5] Leaf: Add a Tcl script to run the performance tests described in README-server-edition.html. (user: dan, tags: server-process-edition)
17:32 [f545db6c27] Leaf: Add the --enable-update-limit option to the ./configure script. (user: drh, tags: begin-concurrent-branch-3.19)
10:55 [c93298d5ae] Leaf: Instrumentation and changes in an effort to reduce thread contention. (user: drh, tags: reduced-thread-contention)
16:21 [8d3a7ea6c5] Leaf: Version 3.20.1 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.20, version-3.20.1)
19:44 [ca5dcb4a36] Leaf: mksourceid still does not work right. (user: drh, tags: mistake)
19:28 [605907e73a] Leaf: Version 3.19.4 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.19, version-3.19.4)
20:35 [a625698048] Leaf: Add experimental sqlite3_open_v2() flag SQLITE_OPEN_REUSE_SCHEMA. For sharing identical in-memory schema objects between connections. (user: dan, tags: reuse-schema)
19:06 [f08d63b413] Leaf: On Windows, avoid casting a value larger than 2^31 to a (SIZE_T) on systems where it is a 32-bit type. (user: mistachkin, tags: mmap-size-limit)
12:04 [4be4265d74] Leaf: Merge further enhancements to the batch-atomic-write subsystem. (user: drh, tags: batch-atomic-write-3.19)
20:49 [4c0520d4df] Leaf: Disable the writecrash.test module on Windows. (user: drh, tags: batch-atomic-write)
07:56 [8201f4e1c5] Leaf: Add new interfaces sqlite3_result_pointer(), and sqlite3_value_pointer() and use them to transfer the eponymous FTS3 column pointer to the snippet() and offsets() routines. This changes is a cherry-pick of [f0f49224] via [69906880cee] and is ultimately inspired by check-in [72de49f2]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.18)
07:45 [69906880ce] Leaf: Add new interfaces sqlite3_result_pointer(), and sqlite3_value_pointer() and use them to transfer the eponymous FTS3 column pointer to the snippet() and offsets() routines. This changes is a cherry-pick of [f0f49224] with version-specific edits. That check-in was inspired by check-in [72de49f2]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.9.2)
04:08 [5a3022e081] Leaf: Add new interfaces sqlite3_result_pointer(), and sqlite3_value_pointer() and use them to transfer the eponymous FTS3 column pointer to the snippet() and offsets() routines. This is a cherry-pick of [f0f49224] which was in turn inspired by [72de49f2]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.8.10)
03:23 [a66a5b397b] Leaf: Add new interfaces sqlite3_result_pointer(), and sqlite3_value_pointer() and use them to transfer the eponymous FTS3 column pointer to the snippet() and offsets() routines. This is a cherry-pick of [f0f492245e95], which is in turn inspired by check-in [72de49f2]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.8.6)
03:09 [f0f492245e] Leaf: Add new interfaces sqlite3_result_pointer(), and sqlite3_value_pointer() and use them to transfer the eponymous FTS3 column pointer to the snippet() and offsets() routines. This changes is inspired by check-in [72de49f2] but is new implementation, not a cherry-pick. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.11)
16:55 [10556ee454] Leaf: Experimental API sqlite3_stmt_refresh() to force a prepared statement to recompile if it needs to due to a schema change or other factor. (user: drh, tags: sqlite3_stmt_refresh)
10:44 [d6a44b352d] Leaf: Add new interfaces sqlite3_bind_pointer(), sqlite3_result_pointer(), and sqlite3_value_pointer() used to safely move pointer values through SQL without exposing underlying memory address information. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.17)
18:27 [dbb59f6156] Leaf: Disable compiler intrinsics when using the Intel C Compiler. (user: drh, tags: icc-fix)
20:12 [093b9108ea] Leaf: Fix bugs in test program tserver.c. (user: dan, tags: server-edition)
19:06 [c21628e9c1] Leaf: Avoid adding an artifical "LIMIT 1" on scalar subqueries that do not need it. This seems like a pointless optimization as it makes minimal run-time difference but does increase code complexity. Parked on a branch for historical reference. (user: drh, tags: subquery-limit-opt)
10:15 [e3038fbfc2] Leaf: Failed version 3.18.1. Somehow I managed to omit the bug fix which was the entire purpose of 3.18.1 in the first place! (user: drh, tags: mistake)
10:55 [c81f260c2d] Leaf: Cause the ANALYZE command to build sqlite_stat1 table entries for empty tables with the assumption that such tables really contain 10 elements. This gives better query plans for tables that are truely empty, but is likely to cause problems in legacy systems, so the change is kept off trunk. Some TCL tests fail on this check-in due to the new stat1 entries. (user: drh, tags: analyze-empty-tables)
18:05 [214d238a47] Leaf: Add debugging functions btreePageOriginFile() and btreePageOriginOffset(). (user: dan, tags: btree-debug)
23:29 [aacac90663] Leaf: Refactor the output logic in the CLI. Not sure we want to go this way. Just saving the work for historical reference, or in case I decide to come back to it. (user: drh, tags: shell-print-refactor)
14:47 [694fe0b22b] Leaf: Before beginning an incremental checkpoint in RBU, sync the directory containing the target database file. This ensures that the new directory entry created by renaming the *-oal file to *-wal is synced to disk. Cherrypick of [915a9a28]. (user: dan, tags: version-3.17.0-rbu-fixes)
14:04 [7a62fc6abc] Leaf: The VDBE cycle counts for the sqlite3_progress_handler() callback are now cumulative. Leftovers from the previous statement are applied to the next statement. (user: drh, tags: cumulative-progress-count)
13:29 [9626b41e6e] Leaf: Proof of concept for a "PRAGMA vdbe_cycle_limit=N" command. When N>0, invoke sqlite3_interrupt() whenever any byte code program uses more than N virtual machine cycles. (user: drh, tags: vdbe_cycle_limit)
20:05 [c1adf95958] Leaf: Add an optimization to OP_Column to speed up sequential OP_Column instructions that read earlier fields from the same cursor. Attempt to reorder OP_Column opcodes so as to take advantage of this. (user: dan, tags: sort-column-opcodes)
21:23 [38298ef923] Leaf: Increase the estimated cost of sorting when sorting wide results sets, to account for the extra storage space and I/O required for the external sort. (user: drh, tags: apple-increased-sorting-cost)
02:07 [662e8ccf7e] Leaf: Merge fixes from trunk. (user: drh, tags: increased-sorting-cost)
17:47 [1d4759c17c] Leaf: simple test cases for carray_asc. (user: drh, tags: carray_asc)
01:02 [4ca2b2f8f5] Leaf: Make SQLITE_GET_MUTEX_TIME a proper noop on non-Win32/non-POSIX. (user: mistachkin, tags: mutexDbg2)
19:10 [9962c10a5c] Leaf: Avoid preparing a SELECT statement each time an UPDATE or DELETE by docid is executed against an fts3 table. (user: dan, tags: fts3-seekstmt-cache)
14:30 [61bd2a885d] Leaf: Merge the latest trunk changes, especially the RTREE enhancement to use sqlite3_blob objects. (user: drh, tags: sqlite3_blob_reset)
21:12 [6413172435] Leaf: Experimental changes to permit a VFS to directly override the initial page size. (user: mistachkin, tags: pagePerSector)
16:21 [74ad80eb74] Leaf: Fix problems in the previous commit. (user: dan, tags: trigger-trace)
15:30 [4cda3b305b] Leaf: A proof-of-concept for running sqlite3_blob_open() without using OP_Column when operating on a pure key/value table. This demo does not include any corrupt database checking. Uses about 3% fewer CPU cycles on a key/value performance test. (user: drh, tags: kv-access-opt-demo)
12:07 [088c590379] Leaf: Add a prototype of the sqlite3_kv_reset() interface. (user: drh, tags: sqlite3_kv)
11:52 [50ca94b919] Leaf: Add test cases for the instrumentation on this branch. Fix some OOM handling issues in the same. (user: dan, tags: transaction-pages)
23:12 [47beb55c5b] Leaf: For Windows 8.x and higher, require the SQLITE_WIN32_WIN8_SECTOR_SIZE compile-time option in order to enable sector size determination. (user: mistachkin, tags: winSectorSize)
11:54 [e42ed9b4ad] Leaf: An example showing how to improve performance of sqlite3VdbeSerialPut() using the GCC intrinsic function __builtin_bswap64(). (user: drh, tags: builtin-bswap64)
15:19 [bd8b977abb] Leaf: Test case macros to show that the previous check-in is well tested. (user: drh, tags: extra-testcase-macros)
20:57 [ff9eab9587] Leaf: Merge latest changes from trunk, and also move the perf-counter into the inner loop of sqlite3BtreeMovetoUnpacked(). (user: drh, tags: vdbe-aux-perf)
16:32 [a65a62893c] Leaf: Version 3.16.2 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.16, version-3.16.2)
07:46 [391344d88a] Leaf: Merge latest trunk changes into this branch. (user: dan, tags: changebatch)
19:13 [bbd85d235f] Leaf: Version 3.15.2 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.15, version-3.15.2)
21:19 [9a64a4f235] Leaf: Break up the sqlite3BtreeMovetoUnpacked() routine into an eponymous routine and sqlite3BtreeMovetoIntkey(). Each routine specializes in a single kind of btree. (user: drh, tags: split-moveto)
15:39 [fe49fb0313] Leaf: Enhance the "PRAGMA index_info" and "PRAGMA index_xinfo" statements so that they work on WITHOUT ROWID tables and provide information about the underlying index btree that implements the WITHOUT ROWID table. (user: drh, tags: index-info-on-table)
18:20 [fd81d8a430] Leaf: Add the ability for the PRAGMA statement to accept multiple arguments. Currently all arguments other than the first are ignored. (user: drh, tags: multi-arg-pragma)
23:44 [29997f797f] Leaf: Fix SQLITE_DBCONFIG_REQUIRE_TXN so that it allows BEGIN IMMEDAITE and BEGIN EXCLUSIVE to run outside of a transaction. (user: drh, tags: require-write-txn)
19:00 [a3a96c4da3] Leaf: Escape non-ASCII character from an ICU extension comment. Cherrypick of [5ec02ecf3d20ce7e]. (user: mistachkin, tags: mutexDbg)
18:50 [29dbef4b85] Leaf: Version 3.14.2 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.14, version-3.14.2)
14:30 [c7a9f26d11] Leaf: Questionable changes to support interruptible checkpoint in ZipVFS. (user: dan, tags: interruptible-checkpoint)
03:35 [9ab53605d5] Leaf: Try to make pcache1TruncateUnsafe() run faster for the case where iLimit is very close to iMaxKey. (user: drh, tags: debug)
20:19 [46bd9533c0] Leaf: Experimental patch restore the slight bias in btree-balancing immediately after the change to reduces the amount of memcpy() work done by balancing. (user: drh, tags: btree-balance-bias)
02:21 [a2778ae494] Leaf: Provide for a separate default page size for TEMP and transient database files and initialize that separate default page size to 1024 instead of 4096. (user: drh, tags: temp-page-size)
19:36 [b6ddabe181] Leaf: Add the experimental SQLITE_FCNTL_WIN32_GET_HANDLE file control. (user: mistachkin, tags: win32GetHandle)
17:30 [92dc59fd5a] Leaf: Version 3.12.2 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.12.0, version-3.12.2)
19:29 [129083bd5e] Leaf: Work toward improving analysis and code generation for DISTINCT and aggregate queries. (user: drh, tags: better-distinct-agg)
21:35 [00ac73a01c] Leaf: Attempt to treat the arguments to a table-valued function as if they occur in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN rather than in the WHERE clause. But this causes undesirable behavior with generate_series, as demonstrated by test cases. This is an incremental check-in pending further work. (user: drh, tags: tabfunc-in-left-join)
00:44 [0c97b80240] Leaf: Avoid unnecessary memset() operations in sqlite3PagerGet(). (user: drh, tags: pager-get-noinit)
21:36 [dfbfd34b3f] Leaf: Version 3.9.3 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.9, version-3.9.3)
21:19 [7635c68018] Leaf: Fix some code and test coverage issues in fts5_index.c. (user: dan, tags: fts5)
19:55 [c448873006] Leaf: Simplify the computation of Index.aAvgEq. (user: drh, tags: analyze-worst-case)
16:17 [f047920ce1] Leaf: Version 3.11.1 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.11, version-3.11.1)
19:03 [3e5d38f5b3] Leaf: More compact implementation of PRAGMA onconflict, and some test cases. (user: drh, tags: pragma-onconflict)
02:34 [1c8d300189] Leaf: Add and use the sqlite3VdbeZeroRegister() interface for coding the common operation of writing zero into a register. (user: drh, tags: zero-register)
00:59 [7453790c3b] Leaf: Add the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_REQUIRE_WRITE_TXN connection setting, which if enabled requires all write operations to be enclosed within BEGIN ... COMMIT. (user: drh, tags: require-write-txn)
20:08 [b4ac61aeee] Leaf: Further minor performance improvements and code-size reductions related to fts5 column filters on detail=col tables. (user: dan, tags: fts5-perf)
15:23 [12ef3a8f3d] Leaf: Change the automatic index mechanism so that it avoids creating transient indexes on columns that are known to have low cardinality. (user: drh, tags: autoindex-planning)
15:27 [17efb4209f] Leaf: Version 3.10.2 (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.10, version-3.10.2)
20:50 [1541607d45] Leaf: Use the OvflOffset() macro to try to remove some magic numbers from btree.c. (user: drh, tags: ovfloffset-macro)
19:17 [896a06cc18] Leaf: Make the VdbeCursor object even smaller. But the resulting library is bigger and slower than trunk. This branch is a failed experiment. (user: drh, tags: optimize-vdbecursor)
19:23 [f59a33260c] Leaf: Update some stale comments in delete.c. No changes to code. (user: dan, tags: onepass-delete-or)
17:53 [093e0d10a8] Leaf: Add a new OP_BColumn opcode where the cursor is guaranteed to be of type CURTYPE_BTREE and is thus able to skip some checks and run slightly faster. (user: drh, tags: btree-column-opcode)
01:00 [c6239bf943] Leaf: Change the code generator for UPDATE to generate code in an order that might run more efficiently in many cases. (user: drh, tags: improved-update)
03:34 [08e8f04d12] Leaf: Whenever two or more OP_Column opcodes on the same cursor occur in succession, try to reordering them so that the one that extracts the right-most column is first, so that it will warm up the row cache for all those that follow. This gives a small performance boost. (user: drh, tags: reorder-column-opcodes)
21:13 [4049368008] Leaf: Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, tags: mutexInitIsInitReCheck)
21:12 [a447cf90dd] Leaf: Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, tags: mutexInitSimpleCmpSwap)
20:17 [39ae92f5c6] Leaf: Experiments with an OP_Unpack opcode that extracts multiple columns from a record without caching. (user: drh, tags: unpack-opcode)
23:45 [70ec88b299] Leaf: Avoid unnecessary cursors and seeking when running a DELETE against a WITHOUT ROWID table. (user: drh, tags: delete-without-rowid-opt)
20:18 [64f2cb8dd2] Leaf: Fix a faulty assert() on the benign-malloc controller callback in test_malloc.c. (user: drh, tags: malloc-testing)
21:43 [12640cb222] Leaf: Convert the hint expression of the CursorHint opcode into a string for display by EXPLAIN. (user: drh, tags: cursor-hints-displayP4)
13:41 [b09e3ea7b8] Leaf: Add some extra timestamps to the experimental log output. (user: dan, tags: experimentalIoLog)
09:42 [3a82c8e6cb] Leaf: Within a write-transaction on a wal database in mmap mode, check the page-cache for an entry before the wal file. This can be faster if the wal file is very large. (user: dan, tags: mmap-wal-bigtrans)
18:13 [522502ec18] Leaf: Split out all four cases of cellSizePtr() into different methods, each optimized for the specific page type. This gives a 0.36% performance increase at a cost of about 300 bytes of code. (user: drh, tags: btree-opt)
19:05 [68c168b5e5] Leaf: Added test cases based on Bruce Momjian's talk on SQL NULLs. (user: drh, tags: is-distinct-from)
17:58 [1df8cbbea6] Leaf: Merge trunk fixes. (user: drh, tags: view-optimization)
16:09 [80889306bf] Leaf: Add the built-in affinity() SQL function. This turns out to be not as useful as originally envisioned, so abandon it on a branch. (user: drh, tags: affinity-func)
04:52 [10ee36d012] Leaf: Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, tags: get-trace)
18:25 [f8b159794c] Leaf: Add the SQLITE_LIMIT_PRINTF_WIDTH setting for sqlite3_limit() and associated logic for preventing DOS attacks using printf() with oversized widths or precisions. (user: drh, tags: limit-printf-width)
14:41 [658e20f554] Leaf: Prototype for an sqlite3_db_log() interface. (user: drh, tags: sqlite3_db_log)
19:13 [a200e1eae9] Leaf: Add the BtCursor.pPage field which is the current page to which the cursor points, for a very small performance gain. (user: drh, tags: btree-current-page-cache)
08:28 [08c0b19b89] Leaf: Update this branch with the latest changes from sorter-opt. (user: dan, tags: insert-select-opt)
22:05 [e5f5ef008d] Leaf: Detect and suppress an endless loops in clearDatabasePage() that might result from a corrupt database file. This is an edited cherry-pick from [30011ad2f55c] and [395bb3e677a]. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-385)
19:56 [763d2bc74b] Leaf: Optimize CREATE INDEX, REINDEX and VACUUM statements by taking better advantage of the fact that index keys are being inserted into b-trees in sorted order. (user: dan, tags: mistake)
00:09 [cbb93d1aa1] Leaf: Backport the 'stdcall' related enhancements from trunk. (user: mistachkin, tags: stdcall-3.8.8)
14:27 [b1a9e2916f] Leaf: In the command-line shell, change the units on the ".width" directive from bytes to characters. (user: drh, tags: cli-char-width)
13:29 [9d6c1880fb] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.8.8, version-
22:19 [6dca23e64e] Leaf: Add an experimental pragma "PRAGMA preload;" that preloads the pcache with the entire database file. (user: drh, tags: preload-pragma)
01:34 [f66f7a17b7] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, version-, branch-3.8.7)
17:26 [c6a5b67ae1] Leaf: Add debugging code to count the number of iterations of each loop made as part of statement execution. (user: dan, tags: debug-loopcounters)
09:27 [b21746ac11] Leaf: Fix a segfault that could occur if an 'optimize' command was issued on an FTS table that contained at least one row but zero terms. (user: dan, tags: branch-3.7.14)
18:47 [5e5d6e8680] Leaf: Add the OPFLAG_MULTICOLUMN flag to the OP_Column opcode. Rearrange OP_Column instructions to take advantage of the new flag for a small performance increase (user: drh, tags: faster-OP_Column)
13:32 [169fc47e16] Leaf: Remove support for Win9x. (user: drh, tags: drop-win9x-support)
17:47 [bc14e64bdf] Leaf: Try to reuse sorter statements in fts5. Does not work due to circular references on VTable object. (user: dan, tags: save_sorter_stmt)
15:13 [2d9de154f8] Leaf: Small tweaks to the query planner to get it to try harder to use an index for sorting and to avoid using automatic indexes on constant terms. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.8.3)
20:18 [401a0ca3dd] Leaf: Proposed change to the fix for ticket [1c69be2dafc28b] such that legacy applications that were exploiting the older buggy behavior in SQLite continue to work. (user: drh, tags: group-by-name-resolution)
09:56 [7d445e593a] Leaf: Moved to "mistake" because this commit contains a typo causing a test to fail. Was: Add an extra test to further verify that the FTS notindexed option is working properly. (user: dan, tags: mistake)
19:26 [aa7e2041a3] Leaf: Fix harmless compiler warnings in MSVC. (user: drh, tags: safer-malloc)
17:17 [8d8609d6c6] Leaf: Merge recent trunk changes into the orderby-planning branch. (user: drh, tags: orderby-planning)
15:28 [8ad0a123a2] Leaf: Experimental changes that reduce the size of Expr objects from 72 to 64 bytes each on x64 and from 48 to 44 bytes each on x32. (user: drh, tags: smaller-expr)
22:49 [f1a4bf01a2] Leaf: Add the "omit_check_constraints" pragma that causes the check constraint expressions to be omitted from the parse tree. (user: drh, tags: reduce-schema-size)
16:53 [a611fa96c4] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, version-, branch-3.8.4)
19:05 [3ad687b7aa] Leaf: Only run the OP_OpenRead opcodes for a correlated subquery once, on the initial iteration. Keep the cursor open for subsequent runs. This was suppose to be a performance enhancement, but it is difficult to come up with a query where is makes a significant difference. Hence, the change is getting parked in a branch. (user: drh, tags: open-only-once)
15:05 [f352ef57e3] Leaf: Various fixes and test case updates so that veryquick.test passes again. (user: dan, tags: deferred-open)
14:59 [881164cf6e] Leaf: Change more OP_OpenEphemeral operations to OP_OpenHash. (user: drh, tags: subquery-codegen-refactor)
00:49 [a2c347faf9] Leaf: Provide hints to the btree layer Next and Previous primitives to let them know if they can be no-ops if the underlying index is unique. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.8.2)
15:35 [d1fbc6ca18] Leaf: An experimental virtual tables for showing the content of internal schema objects. (user: drh, tags: schema2-vtab)
12:30 [5530cdc485] Leaf: Have the shell ".timer on" command cause the shell to report wall-clock time for each query (as well as user and system CPU time). (user: dan, tags: shell-wall-clock)
16:53 [8e78557a40] Leaf: Try to remember statistics from ANALYZE using LogEst instead of u64. (user: drh, tags: log-stats)
19:08 [e8ac4a1227] Leaf: VSIX tooling changes to support Visual Studio 2013. (user: mistachkin, tags: branch-3.8.0)
23:40 [d8daaba7da] Leaf: Add the experimental SQLITE_DEFAULT_INDEX_SHAPE=1 compile-time option that makes a much more pessimistic guess at the effectiveness of unanalyzed indices. (user: drh, tags: index-shape-1)
11:52 [cbea02d938] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.7.16, version-
03:22 [bf6ca21b36] Leaf: Backport the multi-process tester to the last released version. (user: mistachkin, tags: branch-3.7.16)
14:20 [80c63443c4] Leaf: Minor changes to unixMapfile() function. (user: dan, tags: two-mappings)
19:26 [46f7c9301e] Leaf: Add a single test case to fts4unicode.test to verify that title-case maps to lower case. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.15)
20:27 [34aafb7436] Leaf: Cherrypick [79ef8e3c77] (Apply the same restrictions on constant refactoring to statements within a trigger program as top-level statements). (user: dan, tags: branch-3.7.9)
23:47 [ae2f1627b1] Leaf: Further work on getting ssdsim to run. This is an incremental checkin to save my place while jumping off to work on other things. (user: drh, tags: ssdsim)
21:08 [8b4c3c5e50] Leaf: An optimization that converts "a IN (b)" into "a==b". Seems to work, but needs additional test cases. (user: drh, tags: degenerate_IN)
22:45 [17644c0e33] Leaf: Merge the release including the fix for the LEFT JOIN problem into the sessions branch. (user: drh, tags: sessions-3.7.14)
00:49 [865dfcbaa5] Leaf: Backport check-in [62678be3df35cd]: When the same index is used for all OR-terms in a WHERE clause, then try to use that index as a covering index. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.2)
15:16 [acdc7d1270] Leaf: Do not let the multi-core sorter use lookaside memory, which is not thread-safe. (user: drh, tags: threads-sort-ex1)
15:57 [2bb8c49261] Leaf: Experimental change to speed up ORDER BY clauses that sort based on a single expression. (user: dan, tags: sorter-exp)
01:37 [28aed847c6] Leaf: Parser bug fix: Make sure the table constraints allowed by prior releases can still be parsed, even if they are technically not allowed by the syntax diagram. This is a cherry-pick of [a1c014d8a87c8940b3], [38bf90af1ede6ee64e], and [e536ac041815b118c4]. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-ml)
13:22 [7b6de5c35d] Leaf: Minor tweaks to the hebrew transliteration tables. (user: drh, tags: translit-tokenizer)
13:51 [627eff32a2] Leaf: Fix the multiplexor logging so that it works with SQLITE_ENABLE_8_3_NAMES. (user: drh, tags: nx-devkit)
11:07 [e6a04bf9f1] Leaf: Fix a problem with [f9c4a7c8f4] as applied to this branch. (user: dan, tags: branch-3.7.6)
00:09 [b431a63437] Leaf: Patches to the apple-osx-377 branch so that it will compile and run on non-Mac unix platforms. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-377)
17:39 [af0d91adf4] Leaf: Version (user: dan, tags: release, branch-3.7.7, version-
15:34 [2f5b37122b] Leaf: Backport the localtime() failure patch from trunk. Ticket [bd484a090c8077]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.1)
11:26 [2e5a912ad7] Leaf: Toward version This check-in updates the version number and also patches the pager so that it never spills cache while in WAL mode. The latter patch fixes ticket [2d1a5c67dfc23] and also prevents excessive WAL file sizes if the pager cache starts thrashing. A few test cases fail. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.5)
02:34 [5791232778] Leaf: Bring the apple-wal-readonly branch up to date with the latest changes in apple-osx, and especially the fix for disappearing WAL transactions. (user: drh, tags: apple-wal-readonly)
14:33 [8609a15dfa] Leaf: Automatically retry system calls that fail with EINTR. This is a backport of the changes from [b9d29ea385bafc] and [af9ba2a6d2c379]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.4)
14:19 [1725aa7501] Leaf: Changes which attempt to address an obscure SQLITE_PROTOCOL error. (user: drh, tags: wal-trace-375)
13:07 [6549e7672b] Leaf: Cherrypick the WAL error logging from the pre-3.7.5 line into a branch for version 3.7.2. Include the sqlite3_vsnprintf() interface. This checkin is intended for debugging and not for release. (user: drh, tags: wal-trace-372)
01:01 [29a681dd7b] Leaf: Backport the very lastest R-Tree in order to take advantage of its enhanced robustness to corrupt databases. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-3623)
01:00 [265b0b29b8] Leaf: Fix the amalgamation builder so that it works with the rtree updates of the prior check-in. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.23)
12:31 [042a1abb03] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.7.0)
23:55 [82dd61fccf] Leaf: Sync the database file after a rollback. This is a cherrypick merge of check-in [b21b911f23]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.22)
23:08 [bb18f57852] Leaf: The iInUseDB and iInUseMM variables do not need to be volatile. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.5.9)
23:28 [867347323b] Leaf: Fix for the "(x AND y) OR z" bug backported to version 3.6.21. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.21)
18:16 Edit [eb7a544fe49d1626|eb7a544fe4]: Change background color to "#ffc0d0". Edit check-in comment. Timestamp 2009-11-04 13:30:02. (user: drh)
13:26 [2a832b19b6] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch_3_6_16)
19:43 [715cecb8c7] Leaf: Fix a VDBE stack overflow issue with the UPDATE statement. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.3.6)
15:00 [ab76d1a252] Leaf: Version (CVS 6680) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_6_14, release)
18:01 [30a2080777] Leaf: Version (CVS 5960) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_6_6)
13:20 [f0029da32f] Leaf: Back-port critical soft heap limit fixes to version 3.3.17. The following check-ins were back-ported: (4031), (4037), (4097), (4202), (4203), (4207), (4208), (4214). (CVS 4222) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_3_17)
21:31 [e91012b603] Leaf: Backport the stack-size reduction patch in (3673) to version 3.3.13. (CVS 3979) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_3_13)
16:20 [47fee16ba9] Leaf: Fix a date round-off problem in strftime(). Ticket #2153. (CVS 3575) (user: drh, tags: version_2)
17:27 [e61382aed4] Leaf: Version 3.2.8 (CVS 2835) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_2)