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Open leaves:

22:20 [9a5d38c79d] Leaf: Clean up the proper-subset cost adjustment logic to make it more compact and easier to read and so that full branch test coverage is more easily obtained. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
13:57 [5fce40c44a] Leaf: Add to speedtest1.c the --threads option for setting the SQLITE_CONFIG_WORKER_THREADS configuration. (user: drh, tags: threads)
01:37 [6f3e94f4b1] Leaf: Further improvements to the RTREE_DECODE_COORD() method, to take advantage of known processor byte orders when available. This makes the code 3% faster, according to valgrind. Also add test cases to make sure the on-disk representation is correct. (user: drh, tags: rtree-enhancements)
01:10 [95e77efe07] Leaf: Merge recent trunk changes into sessions. (user: drh, tags: sessions)
00:08 [a1b2f28ba8] Leaf: Preliminary changes to support building VSIX packages for Windows Phone 8.1. (user: mistachkin, tags: vsixWinPhone81)
18:41 [02610cd9b7] Leaf: Improve performance in single-threaded mode by having the final merge pass keys directly to the VDBE, instead of going via a final PMA. (user: dan, tags: threads-experimental)
16:53 [a611fa96c4] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.8.4, version-
05:47 [ed0bfcfadc] Leaf: Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, tags: winIoRetry)
19:05 [3ad687b7aa] Leaf: Only run the OP_OpenRead opcodes for a correlated subquery once, on the initial iteration. Keep the cursor open for subsequent runs. This was suppose to be a performance enhancement, but it is difficult to come up with a query where is makes a significant difference. Hence, the change is getting parked in a branch. (user: drh, tags: open-only-once)
10:48 [09cf240a7f] Leaf: Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, tags: winHdr)
22:40 [ce184c7bb1] Leaf: Add logic to do test coverage measurements on the VDBE code. (user: drh, tags: insert-optimization)
15:05 [f352ef57e3] Leaf: Various fixes and test case updates so that veryquick.test passes again. (user: dan, tags: deferred-open)
14:52 [ea3317a480] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.8.3, version-
14:59 [881164cf6e] Leaf: Change more OP_OpenEphemeral operations to OP_OpenHash. (user: drh, tags: subquery-codegen-refactor)
00:49 [a2c347faf9] Leaf: Provide hints to the btree layer Next and Previous primitives to let them know if they can be no-ops if the underlying index is unique. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.8.2)
14:42 [24f84b3813] Leaf: Instead of having the planner ignore plans with unusable MATCH constraints, have FTS assign extremely high costs to such plans in order to discourage the planner from using them. (user: dan, tags: avoid-unusable-match)
23:35 [bfefc57554] Leaf: Do not allow cursor hints to use expressions containing subqueries. This change fixes the problem seen in the previous check-in. (user: drh, tags: cursor-hints)
15:35 [d1fbc6ca18] Leaf: An experimental virtual tables for showing the content of internal schema objects. (user: drh, tags: schema2-vtab)
19:01 [f668616a29] Leaf: Import the "PRAGMA vdbe_eqp" enhancement and the enhanced EXPLAIN formatting the shell from trunk. Fix a bug in skip-scan and add a test case to prevent a regression. (user: drh, tags: skip-scan)
12:30 [5530cdc485] Leaf: Have the shell ".timer on" command cause the shell to report wall-clock time for each query (as well as user and system CPU time). (user: dan, tags: shell-wall-clock)
16:53 [8e78557a40] Leaf: Try to remember statistics from ANALYZE using LogEst instead of u64. (user: drh, tags: log-stats)
20:28 [24aa20da22] Leaf: Merge latest trunk changes. (user: dan, tags: fts4-docid-range-constraints)
19:08 [e8ac4a1227] Leaf: VSIX tooling changes to support Visual Studio 2013. (user: mistachkin, tags: branch-3.8.0)
23:40 [d8daaba7da] Leaf: Add the experimental SQLITE_DEFAULT_INDEX_SHAPE=1 compile-time option that makes a much more pessimistic guess at the effectiveness of unanalyzed indices. (user: drh, tags: index-shape-1)
23:34 [66dddda068] Leaf: Change the unix VFS so that it refuses to open a database file using a file descriptor less than 3. (user: drh, tags: overwrite-avoidance)
11:52 [cbea02d938] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.7.16, version-
03:22 [bf6ca21b36] Leaf: Backport the multi-process tester to the last released version. (user: mistachkin, tags: branch-3.7.16)
14:20 [80c63443c4] Leaf: Minor changes to unixMapfile() function. (user: dan, tags: two-mappings)
11:03 [760072ceea] Leaf: Avoid an assertion fault and/or freeing memory while it is still in use when an error occurs during virtual table construction. Cherrypick of a02599ad85d. (user: dan, tags: branch-3.7.14)
19:26 [46f7c9301e] Leaf: Add a single test case to fts4unicode.test to verify that title-case maps to lower case. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.15)
20:27 [34aafb7436] Leaf: Cherrypick 79ef8e3c77 (Apply the same restrictions on constant refactoring to statements within a trigger program as top-level statements). (user: dan, tags: branch-3.7.9)
23:47 [ae2f1627b1] Leaf: Further work on getting ssdsim to run. This is an incremental checkin to save my place while jumping off to work on other things. (user: drh, tags: ssdsim)
21:08 [8b4c3c5e50] Leaf: An optimization that converts "a IN (b)" into "a==b". Seems to work, but needs additional test cases. (user: drh, tags: degenerate_IN)
22:45 [17644c0e33] Leaf: Merge the release including the fix for the LEFT JOIN problem into the sessions branch. (user: drh, tags: sessions-3.7.14)
10:57 [6a5c59dd7e] Leaf: Merge the latest trunk changes (PRAGMA busy_timeout and the ORDER BY query planner enhancements) into the apple-osx branch. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx)
00:49 [865dfcbaa5] Leaf: Backport check-in 62678be3df35cd: When the same index is used for all OR-terms in a WHERE clause, then try to use that index as a covering index. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.2)
15:16 [acdc7d1270] Leaf: Do not let the multi-core sorter use lookaside memory, which is not thread-safe. (user: drh, tags: threads-sort-ex1)
15:57 [2bb8c49261] Leaf: Experimental change to speed up ORDER BY clauses that sort based on a single expression. (user: dan, tags: sorter-exp)
01:37 [28aed847c6] Leaf: Parser bug fix: Make sure the table constraints allowed by prior releases can still be parsed, even if they are technically not allowed by the syntax diagram. This is a cherry-pick of a1c014d8a87c8940b3, 38bf90af1ede6ee64e, and e536ac041815b118c4. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-ml)
13:22 [7b6de5c35d] Leaf: Minor tweaks to the hebrew transliteration tables. (user: drh, tags: translit-tokenizer)
13:51 [627eff32a2] Leaf: Fix the multiplexor logging so that it works with SQLITE_ENABLE_8_3_NAMES. (user: drh, tags: nx-devkit)
11:07 [e6a04bf9f1] Leaf: Fix a problem with f9c4a7c8f4 as applied to this branch. (user: dan, tags: branch-3.7.6)
00:09 [b431a63437] Leaf: Patches to the apple-osx-377 branch so that it will compile and run on non-Mac unix platforms. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-377)
17:39 [af0d91adf4] Leaf: Version (user: dan, tags: release, branch-3.7.7, version-
15:34 [2f5b37122b] Leaf: Backport the localtime() failure patch from trunk. Ticket [bd484a090c8077]. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.1)
11:26 [2e5a912ad7] Leaf: Toward version This check-in updates the version number and also patches the pager so that it never spills cache while in WAL mode. The latter patch fixes ticket [2d1a5c67dfc23] and also prevents excessive WAL file sizes if the pager cache starts thrashing. A few test cases fail. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.5)
02:34 [5791232778c] Leaf: Bring the apple-wal-readonly branch up to date with the latest changes in apple-osx, and especially the fix for disappearing WAL transactions. (user: drh, tags: apple-wal-readonly)
14:33 [8609a15dfa] Leaf: Automatically retry system calls that fail with EINTR. This is a backport of the changes from b9d29ea385bafc and af9ba2a6d2c379. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.7.4)
14:19 [1725aa7501] Leaf: Changes which attempt to address an obscure SQLITE_PROTOCOL error. (user: drh, tags: wal-trace-375)
13:07 [6549e7672b] Leaf: Cherrypick the WAL error logging from the pre-3.7.5 line into a branch for version 3.7.2. Include the sqlite3_vsnprintf() interface. This checkin is intended for debugging and not for release. (user: drh, tags: wal-trace-372)
01:01 [29a681dd7b] Leaf: Backport the very lastest R-Tree in order to take advantage of its enhanced robustness to corrupt databases. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx-3623)
01:00 [265b0b29b8] Leaf: Fix the amalgamation builder so that it works with the rtree updates of the prior check-in. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.23)
12:31 [042a1abb03] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch-3.7.0)
23:55 [82dd61fccf] Leaf: Sync the database file after a rollback. This is a cherrypick merge of check-in b21b911f23. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.22)
23:08 [bb18f57852] Leaf: The iInUseDB and iInUseMM variables do not need to be volatile. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.5.9)
23:28 [867347323b] Leaf: Fix for the "(x AND y) OR z" bug backported to version 3.6.21. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.6.21)
13:26 [2a832b19b6] Leaf: Version (user: drh, tags: release, branch_3_6_16)
19:43 [715cecb8c7] Leaf: Fix a VDBE stack overflow issue with the UPDATE statement. (user: drh, tags: branch-3.3.6)
15:00 [ab76d1a252] Leaf: Version (CVS 6680) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_6_14, release)
18:01 [30a2080777] Leaf: Version (CVS 5960) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_6_6)
13:20 [f0029da32f] Leaf: Back-port critical soft heap limit fixes to version 3.3.17. The following check-ins were back-ported: (4031), (4037), (4097), (4202), (4203), (4207), (4208), (4214). (CVS 4222) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_3_17)
21:31 [e91012b603] Leaf: Backport the stack-size reduction patch in (3673) to version 3.3.13. (CVS 3979) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_3_13)
16:20 [47fee16ba9] Leaf: Fix a date round-off problem in strftime(). Ticket #2153. (CVS 3575) (user: drh, tags: version_2)
17:27 [e61382aed4] Leaf: Version 3.2.8 (CVS 2835) (user: drh, tags: branch_3_2)