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This page has files that allow you to build SQLite from source on the Windows platform. TCL is used in place of UNIX utilities (sed, grep, awk, sh, cat etc.). Windows users can download TCL from ActiveState.

Tested platform is Win XP, MSVC 7 and ActiveTcl 8.4.

  1. Download the two files, Makefile.msvctcl and make_helper.tcl. Install them in the SQLite directory (ie. same dir as "configure" and "Makefile-linux.gcc").
  2. Do some configuration at the top of Makefile.msvctcl - mainly to tell it where you installed TCL.
  3. Do the command: "nmake -f ..\sqlite\Makefile.msvctcl".

This should get you tclsqlite.exe, tclsqlite.dll, sqlite.exe and sqlite.dll.

Other targets are "test", "doc" and "clean".