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CVSTrac allows wiki pages to be deleted only by users with administrator privileges. When an administrator looks at a wiki page, one of the buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the page will be [Delete]. The administrator just has to click on this hyperlink to delete the page. (Actually, a confirmation page appears first, to help prevent accidental page deletions.)

The administrator can also delete historical copies of a page. To do this, put the page in [History] mode and select the version of the page to be deleted. Then click on the [Delete] hyperlink as before. The confirmation screen that appears gives the administrator there options:

  1. Delete the page completely.

  2. Delete the version of the page being viewed and all versions.

  3. Delete just the version being viewed.

CVSTrac stores the complete text of every version of a wiki page in its database. If a single page has many edits, it can begin to take up a lot of space in the database, especially if the page is big. Administrators may want to periodically go through and delete all but the most recent two or three versions of large, frequently edited pages.

All deletions are permanent.