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SQLiteNet Native .NET Assembly

SQLiteNet is a C++ managed wrapper for SQLite. It was create by a company called "Red Loop" and then abandoned. One of the group members loaded the source into the files area (and the original is still there). I decided to use it for a project and then decided to change to add/modify a few bits. To stop any confusion with the original I have a web page which you can download the source/assembly and a VB.NET sample application. These projects were developed using IDE 2003 version 7.1.3088.

SQLiteNet Object Model
Assembly SQLiteNET SQLiteNET.dll
Namespace SQLiteNET

Dim DB As SQLiteNET.DataBase ' Define the object
Dim LocaLDataTable As DatATable 'Define a local datatable object
DB = New SQLiteNET.DataBase("c:\dbfile.db") ' Create a new object
DB.Execute("Select * from SQLite_master") 'Execute a query
LocalDatATable = DB.DataTable
Catch ex As SQLiteNET.SQLiteException
End Try

If you have any question regarding this object or it's use please check the source (it has comments) and if you want email me on