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SQLite ODBC Driver (

OpenSource BSD Licensed (Windows and Linux)

Note that this is in an experimental state and any feedback is appreciated.

So far it has been tested with SQLite 2.8.17 and SQLite 3.3.4 on Windows NT/2000 in MS Excel 97 (MSQUERY) with SQLite database files created on Linux. It also runs on Linux with unixODBC 2.{0,1}.x and with libiodbc 3.0.6.

Is there someone who could help with the integration of SQLite into OpenOffice 2?

Other Google Summer of Code 2006 ideas:

I've updated the MSVC build files from the ODBC code to use SQLite 3.2.7. There is a bit more information and a zip file at
20-Feb-2006: Updated to SQLite 3.3.4 and issued an updated archive.
Jan-2007: The primary sqliteodbc site now has more up-to-date versions (3.3.10). See