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disclaimer: I didn't write this, I know nothging about Palm programming. email and archive taking from sqlite mailing list "as-is". The archive in in RAR format, for win32 you can use WinRAR, WinZIP, unrar, UltimateZip, 7-zip, etc.

Under Unix (linux) unrar is available and I think the company that owns rar sell a linux solution too.

Original email from bogdanp (at) below:

Hi, sqlite on Palm is not just doable, is done. You can find the source code attached .

It uses FileStream api for storage support, but i'me thinking more and more to port/transform page(r) specific functions by saveing each db page in separate db record. (makeing this, it will be able to suport syncronization).

To test it, i have done as fallows: created database - works; create table - works; insert 1000 records - works ; ( is a waste of memory to keep pages in Palm db system an allso in memory, it will double the size of your database; I must fix this. ) select - works;

Compatibility with desktop (sincronization): All the above tests have been done with OS4.0.1(extracted from my Palm 505) running on Emulator 3.5. After the tests had complete, I've exported the database from Emulator to my computer. A litle transformation had to be done to it before I could open it with sqlite Explorer: I had to convert it from Palm Stream Datatabase to plain content(remove PDB headers). It payed the effort.

>>"Anyway ... if you want to share some ideas/code/effort please let me know ;-)" because, I just did it.

Bogdan Pietroiu Software Development Team Leader Flamingo Computers SA Tel : +4 021 236 2007 Fax: +4 021 236 2004 e-mail: Office & Mailing: 44-48 Bucuresti Rd. 71900 Otopeni, Romania

So uhhh.... Where the heck can I get a copy of the code?, I don't see it here anywhere.... I'd love to have this to write some palm apps.

Kevin D. Ogden

The Palm OS port of Sqlite is available at: The code is work of Mr. Warren Taylor.

- Jalil Vaidya

Here is a link to the PilotSQL page as well: - Kirt Runolfson
How to compile and use this sources? (