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From: Robert Simpson <*****@*****.com>
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Subject: [sqlite] SQLite Vs VistaDB - Comparison ???

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> Subject: [sqlite] SQLite Vs VistaDB - Comparison ???

Getting back on track ...

> VistaDB
> HomePage :
> More Features :
> VistaDB is a commercial embedded SQL database engine (only
> for .NET and
> Win32)

Only supports Win32 desktop.  No 64-bit available, no CE support either.
OleDB support is missing some features, and the .NET 2.0 provider is a
recompile of their 1.1 provider and has almost no support for any of the
ADO.NET 2.0 features.

> Encryption?: Secure Blowfish encryption and password protection

There are several of us providing free SQLite implementations with built-in

> Platforms? : For Different Window Versions

Again, only 32-bit desktops.  There is a CE provider that lets you connect
to a desktop database over the wire, but there's no embedded version of
VistaDB for CE.

> Fast performance

Not.  VistaDb is slower than Access/JET in nearly every test I ran, from
bulk inserts to simple indexed joins to multi-table joins.  Access trounced
VistaDb in every category -- and SQLite trounced Access in every category.

> International support
> Supports C#, VB.NET, Delphi, C++Builder, VB and classic ASP

There've been lots of complaints about VistaDb's international support.  It
has no unicode or UTF8/16 support.

> More Features :
> Please put forward your views, ideas, thoughts, comparisons
> (if any) ??? I
> might have missed many points of comparison/similarity.

VistaDB's database size is also massive, but its one area that it beat Jet
in my tests: