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At least one person has reported problems using the pre-built sqlite3.dll on Windows 2003 Server (SP1 I think). It seems like the problem is most likely related to GCC, although this has not been proven.

One workaround is to build the DLL yourself using Visual C++.

Attached is a Visual Studio .NET 2003 Solution. It includes two projects, one to build SQLite3.dll, and one to build SQLiteConsole.exe.

You'll also need to download the preprocessed SQLite source code from, and extract it into the SQLite directory.

I'll try to keep this Solution up-to-date so it's compatible with the latest source code.

Tim McDaniel (tim dot mcdaniel at finisar dot com)

Adding a link to a working VS Solution.

Visit the page: The second send of links has a dll compiled using Visual Studios and a link to sqlite3 source plus solution file.

Arke Systems VS Solution


Chris Spears - Arke Systems, LLC