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Wiki pages names are written using CamelCase. Within a wiki pages, any word written in CamelCase_ becomes a hyperlink to the wiki page with that same name.

The formatting rules for wiki page names on this server are shown below. (Other servers may use minor variations on these rules.)

  1. The name must consist of alphabetic characters only. No digits, spaces, punctuation, or underscores.

  2. There must be at least two capital letters in the name.

  3. The first character of the name must be capitalized.

  4. Every capital letter must be followed by one or more lower-case letters.

If you want to write a CamelCase_ word in some wiki text but you do not what that word to be a hyperlink, then you can append an underscore or asterisk character to the name. When an underscore appears at the end of a CamelCase_ name, no hyperlink is created and the underscore is not displayed. For example, on this page, the first use of the word "CamelCase_" in the first sentence does not have a underscore at the end and thus generates a hyperlink. All subsequent occurances of "CamelCase_" do have a underscore appended and thus do not generate hyperlinks.

Or, if it's appropriate, you can prevent hyperlinkage by simply quoting the word, as in 'CamelCase'.

(It's also worth noting that the wiki engine currently DOES display the appended underscore.)