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Use one or more blank lines to separate paragraphs. If the first line of a paragraph begins with a tab or with two or more spaces, then that whole paragraph is shown verbatim (that is, within <pre>...</pre> markup in HTML.) The formatting rules below do not apply to verbatim paragraphs.

Bold Or Italic Fonts

Text contained between asterisks is rendered in a bold font. Text between underscores is render in an italic font. The font markers must begin at the beginning of a word and must end at the end of a word within the same paragraph.


If a line begins with the characters "*:" followed by a space or tab, then that line becomes an item in a bullet list. Similarly, if the line begins with "1:" the line becomes an item in an enumeration list. For example, the text:

   *: Bullet 1
   *: Bullet 2
   1: Enumeration 1
   1: Enumeration 2

Generates the following output:

  1. Enumeration 1
  2. Enumeration 2

Notice that with enumeration lists are numbered automatically.


Links to other pages are created automatically whenever the name of another wiki page is mentioned in the text. (See WikiPageNames.) If you want to put a CamelCase word in your text but you do not want it to become a hyperlink, append a single underscore or asterisk to the end of the name. The underscore will to be displayed but it will prevent the word from being a Wiki page name and thus becoming a hyperlink.

A link to an external website is created for every URL beginning with "http:", "https:", "ftp:", or "mailto:".

Text of the form #NNN where the NNN is a valid ticket number becomes a hyperlink to the ticket. Text of the form [NNN] where NNN is a valid check-in or milestone number becomes a hyperlink to that check-in or milestone. This hyperlinks only work if the user has permission to read tickets, check-ins, and/or milestones.

Horizontal Lines

A horizontal line (the <hr> markup of HTML) is generated whenever four or more "-" characters appear on a line by themselves.