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What is QuickLite?

QuickLite is a Cocoa wrapper for SQLite, a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine.

QuickLite already includes SQLite, so there's no need to download and to configure. It provides the developer with a SQL database without running a separate RDBMS process. QuickLite is not a client library used to connect to a big database server. QuickLite is the server, reading and writing directly to and from the database files on disk.

QuickLite 1.5 is here!

Since version 1.0 was released in May, a lot of effort has been made to improve QuickLite's feature set. Work has been done on all fronts: cleaning up the API, improving performance, decreasing memory footprint and adding cool new features.

New features in QuickLite 1.5

More info here: QuickLite Overview page

QuickLite 1.0 Features

You can download the latest version here.